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Bronx No Fault Doctor

Bronx No Fault Doctor 384 East 149th Street, Suite 205,Bronx, New York 10455

Bronx No Fault Doctor

This Bronx office accepts no fault insurance. We cater to people in the Melrose section of the Bronx as well as the South Bronx. We provide free transportation with 24 hour notice. Our facility has chiropractors, medical doctors, acupuncturists and physical therapist. Pain management and orthopedic physicians are also on the premises.


All Bronx offices are staffed with chiropractors who accept no fault insurance. Our chiropractors are well experienced with accident victims. They know how to handle typical ailments from car accidents including back spasms and whiplash. They also know how to handle more serious injuries including bulging discs and herniated discs. Please call us for an appointment at 888-511-0625.

Long Island New York No Fault Doctors Chiropractor



Acupuncture is an effective form of pain relief. If you have been involved in an auto accident, then let us take care of you. The Chinese have been using this form of pain relief for centuries. If you do not like needles then you can request the acupuncture cups.

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Lay down and our well experiences acupuncturists will provide a soothing pleasurable experience.

Physical Therapist

Long Island New York no Fault Doctors Physical Therapist 460

We have physical therapist who accept no fault insurance in our office. Our physical therapist are hands on providing the exercises you need to return you back to your original health.

Massage therapy is also available.

Medical Doctors

Each Bronx office is staffed with medical doctors including: General Practitioners, Surgeons, Orthopedists, Physiatrists, and Doctors of Physical Therapy. Rest assure all of our doctors are board certified and in compliance with the latest regulations New York State.

Bronx No Fault Doctor 384 East 149th Street, Suite 205,Bronx, New York 10451



Bronx Zip Codes Covered
Central Bronx 10453, 10457, 10460
Bronx Park and Fordham 10458, 10467, 10468
High Bridge and Morrisania 10451, 10452, 10456
Hunts Point and Mott Haven 10454, 10455, 10459, 10474
Kingsbridge and Riverdale 10463, 10471
Northeast Bronx  10466, 10469, 10470, 10475
Southeast Bronx 10461, 10462,10464, 10465, 10472, 10473